Wagline's training methods work for all breeds of dogs, including bully breeds and guard dogs, high-energy dogs who need to focus, laid back dogs who need some motivation and puppies. 

Wagline Dog Training understands that every dog and owner has individual needs. Using the principle of Least Restrictive Behavior Intervention (also referred to a Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive or LIMA), Wagline evaluates each client and recommends a training plan to address training problems and behavior issues. The goal is to give the owners the tools and knowledge they will need to continue training their dog.

The training plans often incorporate clicker training because it is a highly efficient way to communicate what the owner wants the dog to do. It also helps to build a happy dog that can reliably perform behaviors in various environments and looks to its owner for information. Wagline specializes in easily distracted, nervous and hyperactive dogs.